Sabriye Miye Miye Digital Copy

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Sabriye Miye Miye Digital Copy


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Recently recorded in the Middle East this double CD features Sabriye's favorite classic songs as well as a new entrance composition.  Upon the request of many dancer most of the tracks are available with and without vocals.

CD 1
1. Sabriye Miye Miye
2. Sawah
3. E’Della ala Kefak
4. Saidi Mix
5. Leyla
6. Ya Leyli Ya Basha
7. Ya Bahiya
8. Zay al Asal
9. Ehdoon al Ayam
10. Alf Leyla wa Leyla
11. Solo Beledy
12. Solo Tabla

CD 2
1. Sawah Instrumental
2. E’Della ala Kefak Instrumental
3. Saidi Mix Instrumental
4. Ya Leyli Ya Basha Instrumental 
5. Ya Bahiya Instrumental
6. Zay al Asal Instrumental 
7. Ehdoon al Ayam Instrumental
8. Alf Leyla wa Leyla Instrumental