Suhaila Level 1 Intensive with Optional Certification

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Suhaila Level 1 Intensive with Optional Certification


Basics:  The Foundation of the Format

Level 1 starts with the basics of Suhaila’s format. Learn the skills necessary to develop the physical strength and mind-body connection to continue through the certification program. This level represents Suhaila’s extensive formal training in the structured disciplines of Contemporary and Middle Eastern dance. Due to the unique nature of Suhaila’s format, all new students in the Certification program, whether they are beginning or advanced dancers, begin with L1.

SL1 Training Tools

These resources will help you prepare for SL1 workshops and series.  Although no previous experience with the Salimpour formats is required to take a SL1 workshop or series, we highly recommend that you work with some of these resources in advance to make the most of your workshop or class experience.

  • Salimpour School Online Classes.  Take classes from the comfort of your own home to fit your time schedule. Various subscriptions available.  Learn the warmup, technique, movement breakdowns, and basic dance movement.
  • Level 1 Study Guide.  The Guide is a useful (and highly recommended) outline to help you organize your training and study for the written and practical portions of the L1 Certification Test.
  • Cymbal Jams.  Cymbal Jams, audio download training tools, include over 70 finger cymbal patterns.  The patterns are broken down slowly, then up-to-tempo, explained in both right-hand and left-hand dominant version.  (Includes the original 24 patterns from Jamila’s class finger cymbal CD plus an additional 48 patterns.)
  • New Danse Orientale.  Contains an excellent written breakdown of each finger cymbal pattern.
  • Rhythm ID CD.  This CD includes over 40 Middle Eastern rhythms (on separate tracks).
  • Audio Training Downloads.  Once you learn SL1 concepts, use Audio Training DownloadsDrill Breaks provide a training option that takes under 30 minutes each session (and most under 20 minutes). L1 Drill Breaks help you drill areas in which you need more work. L1.5 Drill Breaks help bridge the gap between L1 and L2.
  • Level 1 Three-Day Workshop.  These workshops are an introduction to Suhaila’s format and focus specifically on L1 material. View the current Workshop Listings for the most up-to-date information on workshops scheduled throughout the world.
  • Learn all SL1 movements (and straddle squats for 2 minutes) for testing.  Movements are done in Home Position, traveling with basic foot patterns, and with basic finger cymbal patterns.

About the Exam

Information about L1 and L2 exams in both the Suhaila and Jamila formats is consolidated in one section.  Visit the certification exam page for more information.

Additional Assistance

SL1 Finger Cymbal Pattern List

Moving Forward after SL1

SL1 Testing Options

Whether you are interested in certification or just want to learn about Suhaila’s format, SL1 3-day workshops and series are an excellent introduction.  SL1 3-day workshops and SL1 Class series focus specifically on presenting the content and training needed for SL1 certification and understanding the fundamentals of the Salimpour program.  These workshops and series are taught by Suhaila or by her authorized instructors.  Click here for current options.

To prepare for a SL1 Workshop or Series:

  • Use the training tools provided on this page.
  • Review How to Prepare for a Workshop, What to Bring, and Studio Rules found in the Workshop About page.
  • You are encouraged to arrive early and warm-up prior to class.
  • Suhaila often runs over the allotted teaching time. Please plan accordingly and allow for maximum flexibility in your timing to take advantage of unique events and opportunities.
  • Bring finger cymbals, ballet or jazz shoes, hand towel, refillable water bottle, and deodorant to reapply as necessary.
  • If you are traveling from out of town, visit the Travel page for information about location, housing, and transportation.
  • For more about the exam and what to expect, visit the exam section in the Certification dropdown menu.
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