Workshops with Suhaila Salimpour in Stockholm with Enta Omri & Bal Anat Show

March 31st- April 5th, 2018



March 31st


There will be 2 workshops to give you a taste of the Suhaila & Jamila formats. All levels welcome, with or without prior experience!

  •  Introduction to the Suhaila Salimpour Format: 3 hours to immerse yourself into this unique and revolutionizing technique.  
  •  Introdution to the Jamila Salimpour Format: Get to the original roots of not only Tribal Belly dance but also the first known Belly Dance  teaching technique to ever give names to steps and break down finger cymbals.  

Show: Enta Omri ( approximately)


April 1st 

Show: Bal Anat 50th Anniversary Show


April 2-5th 

Suhaila Salimpour Format Level 2 Worskhop 



  1. 1  workshop: Suhaila or Jamila 75€ (3h)

  2. 2  workshops: Suhaila + Jamila 125€ (6h)

Bal Anat tickets : information will be published in due time



  • To register: contact Sabriye by email ( to check workshop availability.

  • Payment: Once availability has been confirmed to you, please pay the workshops amount at your earliest
    convenience. No spots will be held without a deposit.

  • Wire transfer: please transfer the money to: BNP Paribas Chapelle (Rue Joseph Stevens 2, 1000 Brussels),

    account: IBAN BE64 001 7956789 52/ BIC GEBABEBB, in the name of Maëlle Danse ASBL, with
    « Workshop title + your name» in communication. You can also pay via PayPal ( Whatever payment method you use, please make sure that the transfer/payment fees are paid by you.

  • Cancellation: If you need to cancel, please note that there will be no refund, but please contact the organizer immediately to find an alternative solution. Under no circumstances can you resell your spot at a cheaper rate. Should the organiser need to cancel the workshop, her liability would be limited to reimbursing the money received from each participant.

    SHOW: “Bal Anat”, the iconic belly dance show created by Jamila Salimpour ( approximately)


Location: Danskollektivet home of Salimpour School, Sweden 

Folkungagatan 44, 118 26 Stockholm



Getting ready for workshops with Suhaila

Even though these workshops are open to all, with or without experience, you are encouraged to prepare ahead if you can, so that you get the most out of these workshops. Suhaila Salimpour is a high level teacher, a true master. Her workshops are designed to provide you with material on which you can still chew on afterwards and inspire you to go further. So how can you get ready?

  • Classes and workshops with Sabriye, or another certified dancer teaching Suhaila/Jamila format classes.

  • On-line classes: free 3-day trial and paying subscriptions of a duration of one month minimum

  •  Manual : Suhaila level 1 study guide (to download and print), the New Danse Orientale Manual o Audio tools : drill breaks and cymbal jams.


Stockholm s is not a big city and the metro and buss system is efficient so staying anywhere with in the 'tolls' of the city is sufficiently close.  Stockholm is made up primarily of islands and a bit of main land to the North and South.  The studio is on the island of Södermalm.   It is a stones throw away from the green metro line stop Medborgarplatsen, it is also near the the commuter train station Södra Staion.  Many busses also stop near by.  Sabriye is happy to help coordinate for out-of-town dancers to share accommodation, just let her know!  

These are just a few options for nearby accommodations more can be found by searching for hotels near Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm. 

I look forward to seeing you at the workshops and at the show! Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, but please read all information carefully first. Thank you in advance !

Kind regards,