Sabriye offers three categories of privates which you will find outlined below. With each category Sabriye will knowledge, practical and cultural experience gained during her many years as a performer across the Middle East. Keep in mind that privates often have to be scheduled in advance due to Sabriye’s traveling schedule.

Stylization Private

Get in depth lessons in various stylizations from someone who has danced professionally across the Middle East. The focus could be on a folkloric inspired styles like, Khaleeji, Iraqi, Debke or Saidi. It can also be related to a stage show element like Belady, Drum Solos or Taksim (to name just a few). Sabriye will use her knowledge from working across the Middle East to guide you to become both educated and proficient in your stylization of choice.
This 45min online lesson includes:
-information and resources for chosen style
-one on one feedback and instruction online
-video of steps and technique
Discount given for 5 class package.

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Propel your dance forward with the constructive help from a seasoned professional. This is a great way to get feedback on performance or choreography development. For this private you will need to fill out a form outlining what you want to work on and what your aims are. During this 45 min online private we will work on the goals set out in your registration form through:
-live video feedback
-a tailor made training plan
-tips on how to move forward

If you would like a 20min free consultation to discuss whether coaching with Sabriye is right for you please send a message to

Discount gives for 5 class packages.

from 75.00
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Have a choreography made just for you or your group!
-Choose any music you love
-Meet with Sabriye for an online meeting to discuss ideas for the choreography
-Receive an instructional video of your choreography
-Get a follow up consultation on your progress

Price: $100 per minute of choreography

If you would like a 20min free consultation to discuss whether Sabriye is the right person to choreograph for you please send a message to

from 300.00
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