Suhaila Salimpour is an internationally and highly acclaimed performer, teacher, and choreographer of belly dance. With over 40 years experience and a multi-disciplinary background, the belly dance technique she teaches respects and strengthens the body, and is based on a solid rhythmic foundation.
Treat yourself to a real dancer’s training! 
For the first time Suhaila is offering a Level 2 Certification workshop in Stockholm, Sweden as well as introduction workshops to both her format and the Jamila Salimpour Format.  

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    Hope to see you in March!  -Sabriye


March 31st  - April 1st Intro to Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour Formats
12-3pm on both days. 
There will be 2 workshops to give you a taste of the Suhaila & Jamila formats. All levels welcome, with or without prior experience! 

  •  Introduction to the Suhaila Salimpour Format: 3 hours to immerse yourself into this unique and revolutionizing technique.  
  •  Introdution to the Jamila Salimpour Format: Get to the original roots of not only Tribal Belly dance but also the first known Belly Dance  teaching technique to ever give names to steps and break down finger cymbals.  

April 2nd- 5th Suhaila Salimpour Level 2 Certification Workshop SOLD OUT!
This workshop is for those planning to or working towards testing for Level 2.  Having passed Suhaila Format Level 1 is a prerequisite for this workshop.  If you want to become Level 1 Certified please please click here.

Monday - Wednesday: 10am- 6:30pm
Thursday: 10am - 2pm 

*PLEASE NOTE: Timings may be subject to slight changes. 



  • Intro to Suhaila Format 75€/720 SEK (3h)
  • Intro to Jamila Format      75€/ 720 SEK (6h)
  • Both Intro to Suhaila & Jamila     120€/ 1050 SEK  
  • Suhaila Salimpour Format Level 2 Certification Workshop       850€ (early bird) 900€/ 8200SEK (early bird) 8600SEK

A deposit of 200€ or equivalent must be made to  hold your spot and to get the early bird price you must pay your deposit by November 1st.  


  • To register: contact Sabriye by email ( or fill out the registration inquiry form above to check workshop availability.
  • Payment: No spots will be held without a deposit. Once availability has been confirmed to you, please pay the 200€/2000 SEK deposit at your earliest convenience to secure your spot.  Your registration will only be secured with a deposit. Balance should be paid in one or several transfers (please number them in the communication) to sum up to the amount due by February 28th 2017. An extra 10% fee applies to payments received after February 28th.
  • Wire transfer: please transfer the money to:
    Account number:  5209 10 275 29
    Iban-number:  SE5650000000052091027529
    Bic-code:  ESSESESS
    Please include: « Workshop title and date + your name». Please make sure that the transfer fees are paid by you.
  • Bank payment in Sweden
    Bank Giro 172-5241
    Please include: « Workshop title and date + your name». Please make sure that the transfer fees are paid by you.
  • Whole workshop: partial participation to the Suhaila 2 workshop is not possible.
  • Cancellation: If you need to cancel, please note that there will be no refund, but please contact the
    organizer immediately to find an alternative solution. Under no circumstances can you resell your spot at a cheaper rate. Should the organizer need to cancel the workshop, her liability would be limited to reimbursing the money received from each participant.


Getting around- Public transportation system 'SL' is quick and easy.  You can purchase week passes for 300 SEK/ about 28€ that allow you unlimited rides on busses and the metro.  The workshops will be held centrally and there are many amenities around so depending on where you are staying just walking might do.

Lodging- There are several hotels and hostels in and around central Stockholm.  I find the best booking sites to be &  Those interested in flats or sharing flats can also try

Weather- March-April  in Stockholm is usually still quite cold, bring clothing suitable for rain and/or snow. 




The Salimpour School of Belly Dance can be traced back to 1949. Pioneer Dancer and Instructor Jamila Salimpour began teaching her unique method which included detailed breakdowns and standard terminology for her movements. Every dancer knowingly or not has been exposed to the indelible mark Jamila Salimpour made in the world of Middle Eastern dance. Jamila's original phrases and names for dance movements such as Turkish Drop, Maya, and Basic Egyptian were the beginning of a long process to add structure and definition to the art.

Jamila's daughter, the incomparable Suhaila Salimpour, began her dance training at the young age of 2. In addition to training with her mother, Suhaila studied ballet, jazz, and tap from an early age, and soon added modern and hip-hop to her repertoire. She began teaching at the age of 14 and has worked as a professional performer and master instructor ever since.

Through years of performing and training, Suhaila realized the necessity to create an organized system for teaching and training. Rather than trying to integrate Middle Eastern Dance with Ballet or Jazz, she wanted to create the respect, knowledge, mentorship and training methodology she experienced in her studies to preserve the quality and longevity of the dance form.

Suhaila's unique vision began to take shape when she embarked on rewriting her mothers book "Jamila Salimpour's Dance Manual", the first ever text which systematically categorizes Middle Eastern Dance movement. The result is an evolution which maintains the purity of her mother's original work and adds the systematic and progressive teaching methods found in the classical dance forms.

Now, the Salimpour Formats and School of Belly Dance enjoy worldwide success. Dancers who train with The Salimpours quickly realize Salimpour methods of teaching allows them to excel in their art beyond any other training they have received.

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